We’re not like the other guys.

At Equisset, our unique portfolio of asset-based financial solutions bypasses the customary laundry list of personal financial questions and time-consuming in-depth analysis to focus solely on your assets and what they’re worth to get you your money fast, easy and without the hassle.

How We Compare



Looks at your cash flow in terms of your repayment ability
Looks at equity
Wants to know if you have ever had a bankruptcy, tax lien or judgement
Doesn’t base a deal on past bankruptcies, tax liens or judgements
Bases loan repayment on your credit score
Doesn’t pull credit reports or references
Offers one option for financing (if any)
Offers quick options for capital
Looks at your historical credit and financial performance
Doesn’t base a deal on your past financial performance
Wants a minimum of three years of past financial information
Doesn’t want any financials
Expects you to wait at least 60-90 days for a new loan
Strives to close within 30 days, sometimes as fast as a week