I make recurring purchases. Who can provide me with a continual line of credit?

I just don't want to deal with the stress of owning real estate.

I’m self-employed, who will finance me?

I just don’t have time to sit around and wait.

I’ve found a great deal, but who can help take advantage of it?

I need financing to stay commercially viable but the bank thinks I’m too big of a risk.

I need someone to buy my note.

I don’t want to take a hit on taxes if I sell my property.

Welcome to a new opportunity in lending!

For hundreds of years, we have been at the mercy of the corner bank. Getting the money we needed to live and work has been based almost entirely on our ability to fit nice and neat into some predetermined category. Without the right financial history or accepted career path, we’ve simply been out of luck.

Well, not anymore.

At Equisset, we represent a new option in lending, one that looks at each individual situation from a new perspective and allows customers to use existing real estate to obtain the financing they need with both speed and simplicity.

Our Asset-based Financial Solutions are Perfect for:

  • Property owners looking to sell
  • Small business owners needing to meet payroll
  • Individuals looking for some quick cash
  • Entrepreneurs needing help to take advantage of potential opportunity
  • Anyone looking for an extended line of credit